Friday, January 12, 2018

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.......the Holy Family.

 1. The entire Liturgy describes in summary form how we can save our souls. We save our souls simply by entering the Catholic Church. But to enter the Church we must do three things; first we must know how the Church looks like. Second, we must know how to enter the Church. And thirdly, we must know if we are already inside the Church. 
     The entire Liturgy, from Advent up to the Feast of Christ the King answers these three questions. Let us review a few of the past answers. How does the Catholic Church look like? It looks like the Holy Family. How do we enter the Catholic Church? The way the Shepherds and the Magi did. They waited for the coming of the promised Messiah; they looked for Him by obeying the commands of the messengers God sent them when He came. And they worshipped Him as God when they found Him.
     How can we know if we are inside the Catholic Church? If like the shepherds we leave all things to look for the Christ. Or if we look for the child bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Now, that is a lot to be explained. But let us look at the important feast of the Holy Family that is within the Christmastide season; precisely because we must know how the Catholic Church look like and what do we expect to happen to the Church.

2. The Holy Family. 
     The Holy Family is the first Catholic Church. Joseph and Mary fall under the definition of the Catholic  Church; they were two souls with Christ in their midst. Christ said; 'whenever two or three are gathered in My name I am in the midst of them. Joseph and Mary were gathered in the name of Christ; they were obeying all of God's commands. And Christ was in their midst; which make them the Catholic Church. Christ was not yet on earth before that so there was no Catholic Church before except for types and figures of the Church. 
     The Church today must be identical to the Holy Family. It must start with a father and mother obeying all the commands of God as found both in the Old and New Testament. If they do so, then, Christ, as He promised will be in their midst. The presence of Christ in their midst make them Catholic. Christ won't be in their midst unless they obey specially the commands of Christ in the New Testament. And, of course, they cannot obey the commands of Christ unless they have first repented. 
     The moment a family become like the Holy Family, thus becoming the Church, Herod and the Pharisees will seek to destroy that Church by killing the Christ-child. Without the Christ-child, the father and mother does not make up the Church. A child alone does not make the father and mother a Church. And there won't be a Christ in their midst unless they obey all the commands of Christ. 
     And the infallible sign that Christ is in the midst of the father and mother is that Herod and the Pharisees will try to kill Christ in that family by preventing the parents from obeying the commands of Christ. The Herod is the civil authorities, the Pharisees is made up of the Catholic hierarchy including Pope Francis. 

3. The Catholic Church is the true Church.
     The mark of the true Church is if the Church is identical to the Holy Family as portrayed during the Feast of the Holy Family. A father and a mother both faithfully obeying all the commands of God thus deserving to have Christ in their midst. And, just because they exist as a Church are condemned to have the Christ in them killed so that they ceased to become the Church. Without Christ in them, they are no longer Church and are in danger of condemnation.

4. That is what is happening today.
     In a typical family, the father and the mother do not obey all the commands of Christ due to ignorance or just pure indolence so Christ is not in them. With Pope Francis' 'Amores Laetitia' which is now being followed by many priests and bishops, fathers and mothers are allowed to separate from each other, remarry and commit adultery.....and as a consequent encourage their children to do likewise. The entire family is encouraged by the Apostolic Exhortation to sin against God's commands. Christ cannot dwell in the midst of such a family. 
     The family is the core of the Church as shown by the Feast of the Holy Family. The Catholic Church is made up of families that are holy. Without holy families there can be no Church. One person cannot make up a Church. It must be at least two to three, Christ said, because the two must obey the command of Christ to love God and love one another. 
     The devil knows that if he destroys the family he can destroy the Catholic Church. The devil first tried it in Eden and it worked. He tempted our first parents to disobey God. He knows it will work again today. Thus the devil used Pope Francis to do exactly what he did in Eden.......destroy the first husband and wife. Today 'Amores laetitia' of Pope Francis is meant to destroy the husband and the wife. As an Apostolic exhortation imposed dictatorially on the Church, the Catholic Church will cease to exist; unless souls 'obey God rather than man.' God commands man to be faithful until death do us part. Pope Francis instruct man to be faithful only until the next temptation comes. 

5. The Holy Family.
     The Catholic Church is made up of holy families where the husband and wife obey all the commands of Christ. As a consequence Christ becomes their spiritual Child by abiding in them. And, as a consequence, they will give birth, also,  to natural children who will make up the next generation of holy families. 
     Russia is one nation who have created the proper atmosphere conducive to raising up a holy family thus making many believe that Russia will be the leader in the spiritual reformation of the world. Christian moral laws are part of their state laws. There is union of Church and state where the Church is the soul while the state is the body. 
     So it is even suspected that Christ had abandoned the vineyard of the unfaithful servants, the Vatican Church, as He had threatened and had done in the past. And given the vineyard to those who will take good care of it. Could this be the Church of Russia where the most ideal condition has been made.....the union of Church and state. Russia is the only nation that practices the perfect political teaching of the Catholic Church on the necessity of union of Church and state.
     The Vatican, on the other hand is the place where Herods and Pharisees plot the destruction of the family, well documented in 'Amores Laetitia' of Pope Francis, where husbands and wives are encouraged to commit the sin of adultery and facilitated with a fast and easy annulment process.  Christ will never be in the midst of that family.  Therefore such families will never make up the Church.
      Who are the families that will make up the Church? Those who disobey Pope Francis and obey the commands of God. Pope Francis had actually discouraged people from obeying the commands of God which he finds stifling the personality; with no proof to it. 
      As on that evening, the angel warned Joseph, the protector of the Church, 'the child is in danger.' St. Joseph is saying exactly the same thing today. The Holy Family is in danger because  most of the governments and the'Amores  laetitia'  of Pope Francis  are after the life of the child. That night is being replayed again this day. 


Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Nathanael and the Holy Family.

 1. The need to grow in wisdom and in grace. 
     Nathanael had Faith but not enough shown by his lack of knowledge.  Christ shows his need for more wisdom and grace and what he will see in doing so. 
     Phillip had a little error when he told Nathanael that Christ was from Nazareth. Yet Nathanael knew that Christ would not come from Nazareth. Christ would grow up in Nazareth but He was from Bethlehem. So we see here Phillip the evangeliser was defective in his knowledge while Nathanael, the convert, knew more.
     But Nathanael was still defective in his knowledge. He believed Christ was God just because Christ saw him when he was under the fig tree, i.e. Christ saw him when he was still under the dominion of sin. So Christ tells him; 'you will see greater things if you follow Me, like you will see angels ascending and descending.'

2. The law of the spiritual life.
     The law of spirituality according to St. Thomas of Aquinas, is that we must progress continually. If we stop even for a moment we regress or deteriorate. To stop progressing for a month could be disastrous to the spiritual life. So the Gospel for today tells us we must 'grow in wisdom and in grace like Christ' everyday. Just like Joseph and Mary. They grew in wisdom and grace every second they were with Christ. We must do likewise; otherwise, we regress or deteriorate in the spiritual life. And to deteriorate for a week could easily put us out of the Catholic Church.
     Christ gave us the example; 'He went home and grew in wisdom and grace.

3. Growing in wisdom.
     How do we grow in wisdom? We knowing the commandments of Christ. By knowing the commands of Christ we automatically learn His teachings and doctrines. Christ said; know and obey My commandments. Where will knowledge of dogma come in? As we come to master the commands of Christ, we automatically learn the Dogmas He taught. Knowledge of Morals precede knowledge of Dogmas. 
     So the more  commandments of Christ we know, the more we grow in wisdom. Knowledge of the commands of Christ consist, first, of knowledge of His commandments as He taught in the New Testament and knowledge of its correct interpretation as given to us by the Fathers of the Church. The more we know the commands of Christ as its correct interpretation as given to us by the Fathers of the Church, the more we grow in wisdom.

4. Growing in grace.
    After knowing the commands of Christ as enumerated in the New Testament, and there are more than 80 of them; after knowing the correct interpretation given by the Fathers of the Church.......if we put them into practice, i.e. if we obey them.....then we grow in grace.
     Every time we know and obey the commands of Christ we grow in grace and can end up being full of grace, like Mary, who is the model of the Catholic Church, Catholics must grow in wisdom and grace until such times that they are full of wisdom and full of grace.
     Without one or both of these  we are not Catholics. 

5. Pope Francis.
     Pope Francis and the Vatican Church had shown ignorance of the commands of Christ as shown in their actions and words, specially in 'Amores Laetitia.' This shows their lack of wisdom.
     Their continuous disobedience to the commands of Christ even up to the point of degrading those who 'obey the commands of Christ' shows they can not receive grace from God. Without wisdom and without grace, they are not Catholics because they are so unlike Christ who went home and grew in wisdom and in grace. They cannot be the 'mystical body of Christ.'
     Pope Francis and his  FrancisBishops seems to have stopped growing in wisdom and grace after their first year Philosophy. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

He grew in Wisdom and in Grace.

 1. The Church is a living entity.
      Therefore she grows. Being a spiritual entity, she grows in wisdom and in grace. Wisdom and grace are spiritual entities.

     We have seen the principal figures of Advent; the shepherds, the Magi, Simeon and Anna. These are the first souls who entered the Catholic Church. And the season of Advent and Christmas tide is showing us the first stages on how souls enter the Catholic Church. Joseph and Mary entered the Catholic Church and went deeper into the heart of the Church. While Simeon is described as having entered the Church, Anna is described by St.Thomas of Aquinas as not only having entered the Church but as having entered deeper into the heart of the Catholic Church. Joseph and Mary had also gone much, much deeper inside the Catholic Church.

2. Wrong concept.
     Many Catholics believe that the moment one is baptized one enters the Catholic Church and that is it. He is a Catholic. This is a wrong concept. Truly one becomes a Catholic at Baptism but that is just the first step into the Church. One can easily step backward and leave the Church. It is of the utmost importance that a soul goes deeper into the Church. This  'entering' is described at the end of the Gospel where it is written; 'and the child grew in wisdom and in grace.' 

3. Christ is the Catholic Church and vice versa.
    The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. Whatever happens to Christ should happen to the Church. And what happen to the Catholic Church should happen to us if we are truly Catholic. The Gospel states that Christ went home and grew in wisdom and in grace. The Catholic Church is a living entity, it does grow; specially in wisdom and in grace, among many other things.  And if we are Catholics we must, likewise grow in wisdom and in grace. If we do not, then we are like stunted and deformed Catholics; not a nice sight to behold. 
      Like Christ, the Church must constantly grow in wisdom and in grace. And if we are Catholic we must, like the Church, grow in wisdom and in grace. The moment we stop growing in wisdom and in grace, we cease being Catholics. We separate ourselves from the Church. 

4. How do we grow in wisdom?
     We grow in wisdom by knowing intellectually the commandments of Christ as enumerated in the new Testament and as interpreted by the Fathers of the Church. Every time we diligently learn the commands of Christ and its correct interpretation, we grow in wisdom;  Scriptures has it, we come to know Christ.

5. How do we grow in grace?
     We grow in grace by putting into practice the commands of Christ in its correct interpretation. Obedience to the commands of Christ, Scriptures has it, is love of God that wins graces for the obedient soul. We grow in grace as we obey more and more commands of Christ. 
     Thus by growing in wisdom and in grace we grow together with Christ and the Church; this is the surest sign we are live members of the Catholic Church. 

6. Thus........
     During the Advent and Christmastide seasons, the Liturgy teaches us how the Shepherds, Magi, Simeon and Anna entered the Church. Then the Liturgy of the Octave of Christmas teaches us how a soul who has entered the Catholic Church grow in wisdom and grace thus entering deeper into the heart of the Catholic church. 
A soul does not just enter the Church and that is it. He must enter the Church and grow with the Church; grow in wisdom and in grace. 


 1. The two comings of Christ.
     The Liturgy celebrates the two comings of Christ; the first coming is on Christmas day, when God became man born of the Virgin Mary. He came to dispense His mercy. The second coming is celebrated on the Feast of Christ the King when He will come with justice. 
     In the first coming of Christ, the Liturgy prepares us for our particular judgment when we die. In the second coming of Christ, the Liturgy prepare us for the General Judgment that will occur at the end of the world. 

     The way to prepare for the two comings of Christ is different. We prepare ourselves for the first coming of Christ by a life of repentance as taught by St. John the Baptist and perfected by Christ. The shepherds, the Magi,  Simeon and Anna were preparing for the first coming of Christ through a life of prayer, fasting and good works, i.e. repentance, thus they recognised the Divinity of Christ at His first coming. The Pharisees were not living a life of repentance, though they were waiting for the Messiah,  they were not able to see the Divinity of Christ. 
     We prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ by a life of Faith, Hope and Charity as taught by Christ in the New Testament. The monastic movement was precisely a preparation for both the first and second coming of Christ. But as Christ said; there will be a waxing of Charity during these days, nobody and absolutely nobody seems to see the coming of the Parousia. They won't see because they are not prepared for it. Today people live in denial of this event that is slowly unfolding before us. Without Charity it is impossible to see the second coming of Christ. 

2. The Liturgy is a reminder.
     So the Liturgy reminds us if we have minds to understand that the Gospels are meant to describe the Catholic Church as an entity that is prepared for the second coming of Christ. Whoever is not prepared is outside the Church. 
     One is inside the Church with the virtue of Faith; and more inside the Church with the virtue of Charity. Ecclesiology states that Faith enables us to be united to the physical body of the Church; while Charity enables us to be united to the soul of the Church. The Liturgy tells us where is the Church is and if we are inside the Church. 
     The Holy Family fleeing Bethlehem to go to Egypt is a figure of the Catholic Church.  Joseph, Mary and Jesus makes up the Catholic Church. St. Thomas of Aquinas wrote that Jesus is the Word of God, Mary is the figure of the Church with the Word of God within or with her. And Joseph is the figure of the Fathers of the Church that protects the correct interpretation of the Word of God; thus Joseph was the protector of the child Jesus. 

3. Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem is a figure of the Church in Rome. Their leaving Bethlehem to flee to Egypt is the figure of the Vatican church as persecuting real Catholics thus the need to flee away from Rome and go somewhere else. This somewhere else is the figure of God giving the vineyard to others because of the infidelity of the workers in the vineyard, the bishops. It is , also, the figure of Peter leaving the boat in the middle of the storm to go to Christ for help. 
     There is a returning. Eventually the Holy Family is told to return. Christ will, again, return to save the Jewish people. The presence of Christ which is nowhere in the Church today will return. 
     Just as St. Joseph is the protector of the Mother and Child Jesus, the Fathers of the Church  are  the protectors of the correct interpretation of the Words of God. Right now, this protection is nowhere. The only interpretation the world is getting is from an Argentinian communist leaning Francis who evidently is no Joseph. The Catholic Church today is not identical to the Catholic Church described in the Liturgy of Christmas season. The Church is probably not in the Vatican; but instead  amongst the Copts in Egypt.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The CATHOLIC CHURCH on Christmas Day.

 1. History and theology.
     When God teaches a doctrine He, usually, coincides it with historical events so men will easily understand the mystical meaning of His gestures.
     The Gospel of Christmas describes Joseph and Mary leaving Nazareth to enrol in Bethlehem under the orders of the Roman Emperor. That was a time when the known world was at peace because of the Pax Romana. Scriptures described that time as the 'fulness of time.' That was about 12 years of relative peace.
     God so meant that Christ be born in peaceful times because the religion He was establishing was the only true  religion of peace. A peace the world cannot give; only God can give it and He gives it to those with Faith. 

     The more important message of Christmas has something to do with the orders of the Emperor for all people to return to their place of origin and enrol in a census, the first of its kind. The mystical meaning of this historical event, according to St. Thomas of 
Aquinas,  is that God became man and came down to earth to enrol all men into His Church, by ordering them to return to their place of origin. Since all men came from God, they are commanded to return to God by entering His true Church. Thus Joseph and Mary who were at Nazareth, which was not their place of origin, had to go to Bethlehem instead. 

     The reason we celebrate Christmas is because we are happy that  God had come down to earth to get the names of those destined to go to heaven. He came to enrol their names in the book of life.  The kingdom of God had been established here on earth and that we can now enter the Church and assure the salvation of our souls. Enrolling in Bethlehem means to enter the Catholic Church. The way to enter the Church is to become like Joseph and Mary, both were obedient to the commands of God. 

2. At that time, Joseph and Mary could not enrol because they were in Nazareth, which was not their place of origin. They were the descendants of King David and their place of origin was Bethlehem. 
     The Romans, the Pharisees and the chief priest were not able to enter the Church that night because they were in the wrong place. So if we are, also, in the wrong place, we will completely miss the spirit of Christmas; which is, to return to our places of origin and enrol there. Our place of origin is God the symbol of which is Bethlehem. The Church will be there to enrol membership. It will be nowhere else. Neither in Nazareth nor in Bethsaida. 

3. Where is Bethlehem. 
     It is the place where the Bread of life is available; Bethlehem means 'house of bread.' It is the place where bodies are fed with the bread of life and the bread for the soul. It is the place where mystically, people learn and obey the commands of God the Father as enumerated in the Old Testament and the command of Christ as enumerated in the new Testament. 
     Obedience to the commands of God in the Old Testament is the preparation for the First coming of Christ, Christmas Day. And obedience to the commands of God in the New Testament is the preparation for the Second coming of Christ, on the Feast of Christ the King. The Catholic Church must look according to the way she is preparing her Faithful. The life of repentance is the preparation for the first coming of Christ; the life of Faith, Hope and Charity is the preparation for the second coming of Christ. The picture of Joseph and Mary, the first members of the Catholic Church, going to Bethlehem where Christ was born, is the symbol of the Catholic Church preparing for both the first and second coming of Christ. 

4. How do we go to Bethlehem?
     Mystically, by  obeying all the commandments of God. Joseph had just obey God's command to take Mary as his wife; and Mary has just accepted to become the Mother of God. Both acted according to God's commands. And now, both had just obeyed God's command to go to Bethlehem according to God's command given through an emperor. 
     There were people in Bethlehem, like Roman officials and Pharisees who were in Bethlehem but who did not enrol. Thus God came to earth to establish a booth and enrol souls; but souls are in the booth but have not enrolled. This is the state of the Catholic Church today. She is in Bethlehem but have not enrolled. They have not obeyed the commands of God. Pope Francis'  famed 'Amores laetitia,' is an outright disobedience to the commands of God in the Old Testament. Pope Francis have not yet even entered into the New Testament because he has not yet obeyed the Old Testament. His 'Amores laetitia' is a very clear example. Add to  this his countless disobediences to the other commands of God in the Old Testament that makes him completely unable to obey any of the commands of Christ in the New Testament. 
     His inability to obey the New Testament command of Christ because of his obvious disobediences to the commands of God in the Old Testament shows that he is not even a Jew; more so he is not a Catholic. 
     Pope Francis not being a Catholic is clearly shown in the Vatican Nativity scene. It is neither Catholic. It is gay. The Vatican Church is definitely not in Bethlehem. It is in gay Italy. And they are surely not enrolled

5. The obedient.
    The shepherds were obedient to the angel. The magi were obedient to the star. Joseph and Mary were obedient. That is the Catholic Church portrayed on Christmas day; and the reason for our rejoicing. The Man-God had come to enrol us into His religion. Have we been enrolled? The shepherds, the Magi, Joseph and Mary were enrolled. Herod, the Pharisees and the entire of Bethlehem were not. Most Catholics are not enrolled. The Vatican Church and Pope Francis together with Madariaga, Kasper, Schonborn, Marx, Cupich are not, shown by their disobediences to the commands of God. The most important question this Christmas is; Am I? This is the Christmas question. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Mary is with Child. Wednesday of the 3rd Sunday of Advent.

 1. The first steps in the building of the Catholic Church.
      Having seen the perfect image of the Catholic Church during the Feast of Christ the King, the end of the Liturgical Year, let us now start from the beginning, the beginning of the Liturgical Year, to see how the Church is built.
     First, we saw at the beginning of Advent how God did two things at the same time; He instituted the Church in the person of the Lamb of God and appointed a prophet in the person  of John the Baptist to show where the Church is. 
     The messenger is personified by John the Baptist; the Church is personified by the Blessed Virgin Mary with Christ in her, physically and spiritually. Ecclesiology tells us that Christ must be present in the Church physically and spiritually. Thus Christ was present in Mary. These two  aspects of the Church had been presented during the first three Sundays of Advent. The 3rd Sunday of Advent adds the way the Church evangelises in the person of Mary going to Elizabeth to sanctify mother and child.

2. Evangelization.
    Lets go back to the first steps again. First, the Church must exist; in Advent this is shown in Christ being conceived in Mary. Secondly, a preacher is prepared. John is prepared in the desert. Because the Church had been transferred in the desert. It was taken away from the world and transferred to the desert as narrated in the Woman, the Great Sign in the sky. Thirdly, John preaches to the world  who went out into the desert to listen to him, to behold the Lamb of God, the Church. But here, the listeners are not yet inside the Church. 
     When the listeners looked at the Lamb of God and believe in Him, then they receive the gift of Faith wherein Christ begin to dwell in them. So the listeners become like the Virgin Mary with the presence of Christ in them. This is called the state of grace. Now, possessed by Christ, just like the Virgin Mary, the Christian who is now within the Church and in whom Christ abides, will go out to the world, just as Mary went to Elizabeth. And whoever they get in contact with are sanctified, just as Elizabeth and John were sanctified by Mary who was with child. 
     Mary with Christ in her is the Church. Elizabeth and John were the new converts who are within the Catholic Church. We have a complete picture of the Catholic Church. But for souls this is only the beginning wherewith souls enter the Church. But it does not mean that they are completely inside the Church. They are just by the door. There is still a lot of space inside that the soul must go to grow further in Faith, Hope and Charity. 

3. The present situation.
    Most Catholics do not know what it means when it is said that 'the Church is now in the desert.' St. John Chrysostom defines 'Church in the mystical desert' as the spiritual state of the spiritual faculties of the soul, the mind and free will. It is not a physical place. St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquinas had further clarified this unique state of soul as 'purity of heart.' St. Augustine described it as the 'life of angels.' St. Thomas described it as the state of contemplative and hermitical life. 
     The Vatican church under Pope Francis is not in the desert. It is very much in the world concerned with migrants who rape European women and hold pizza parties in  basilicas. There are no visible John the Baptists. The few that look like John are violently suppressed, whether priest or bishop. Christ cannot be found in communities. And people becoming saints, like Elizabeth and John, are unheard of. 
      All these signs of Advent are, definitely in the world. Otherwise the Church would cease to exist.  They are in the desert but we cannot find John the Baptists to point to it. All of them had been beheaded by Herod due to the promptings of sexually perverted Salome that fills the offices of the Vatican. At the head of this destructive onslaught on the Catholic Church is Pope Francis. Not only are the Catholics admitting the existence of this  state of affairs; even pagans and Protestants are noticing and mentioning it. 
     Meanwhile the simple enduring Catholic is asking; 'Lord, when will this end. A little more and Your Church will cease to exist.' The words of the Psalm comes to mind; 'Lord, why have You abandoned me?'
     We just have to walk with Christ and experience our own calvary. But victory is at hand. We are just in Advent. Holy Week will still follow. Then Easter. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

BAD NEWS vs GOOD NEWS. 3rd Sunday of Advent.

 1. Signs of the times.
     It is said that the state of the whole Catholic Church can be seen in the state of one  religious house. The spiritual state of a monastery reflects the state of the whole Catholic Church. The state of a nation reflects the state of the  Catholic Church in that nation, 
     When a nation is corrupt, it is because the Catholic Church in that nation is corrupt. That is very certain; unless there is no Catholic Church in that nation. If there is, then it follows. Everything wrong in a nation can be blamed at the Catholic Church in that nation. 
     The reason is clear. The Catholic Church is supposed to be a yeast. It must leaven the whole nation. Christ said so. It cannot be otherwise. So a corrupt nation had been leaven by a bad yeast, the yeast of the Pharisees. If the Catholic Church is there, then it is the Church that is the bad yeast. 

2. Every morning.
    Everyday during Mass, the Liturgy teaches us three things; first, the teachings of Christ. Secondly, the state of the Church when it is in the right direction. And thirdly, the state of the Church when it is in the wrong direction. The Liturgy is our guide in our spiritual journey that informs us the state of our souls. These three are the guide lines by which we can find if we are off bounds or still in bound. So after Mass we should have a reality check on ourselves, on the Church and on the world around us. Let us look at the Liturgy of the 3rd Sunday of Advent and go on a reality check. 
3.The Gospel message of the 3rd Sunday of Advent. 
    Advent is the beginning of the Liturgical Season. So it begins by describing the beginnings of the Catholic Church and what preparations God had made. 
     If God will establish a Catholic Church within which souls are to be saved, even before He establish it, He must prepare the person who will point to that Church. That person must, himself, have been inside that Church and must know how to go in and out so he can teach people the direction to go. And God prepares John the Baptist. 
     The Pharisees  had asked John the Baptist; 'who are you.? John answers 'I am a voice in the desert crying out. Make straight the way of the Lord.' 
     Advent describes that state when one is still outside the Church and is being invited to enter. He is not yet inside. He has to be called to enter. By whom? By someone in the desert crying out, 'make straight the way of the Lord.'
      The someone is from the desert. Why in the desert? Because we saw in the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe that the Catholic Church is in the desert and not in the Vatican. The voice will come from the desert and not from the Vatican. And the first message of the voice to prepare oneself to enter the Church is;' straighten your way of life.' Make it straight according to the commands of God the Father as found in the Old Testament. 

4. Teaching of Christ in today's Gospel. 
     Today, we need a prophet training in the desert (i.e. the contemplative and hermitical life) to come out of the desert and teach the world to go to the desert. For it is only there that they can find the 'Lamb of God,' i.e. the Mystical Body of Christ. And those who will preach this message are those who, themselves, have gone to the desert to hear John the Baptist. As long as people are in the world, like Herod and the Pharisees, they will not hear the preaching of John, the modern prophet chosen by God. 

5. Is the Church in the right direction. 
    The Church had always had austere monastic orders living the so called "life in the desert.' St. Benedict, John Cassian, Cassiodorus, Patrick, Martin of Tour are just a few who can be described as modern days John the Baptists. But as of late, there is none. There is no one who, like John, came from living a life in the desert and have come to the world to invite people to go to the desert and look at the Lamb of God, the Catholic Church. None, as long as can be remembered. 
     The Popes are supposed to do that job. Pope John XXIII, in fact, referred to the fact that he took the name John because he felt he should be doing the job of St. John the Baptist  Benedict XVI was doing it. But Pope Francis is not doing it; he looks more like Caiphas who had been living in the world and have never set foot in the 'mystical' desert.
      After having learned the three lesson in the Liturgy, let us look at the second lesson and look at the Church in the world, today.
     Today, in the News about the Catholic Church, we had 27 bad news and 7 good news. Pope Francis is not involved in the good news. But he is involved in all the bad news. 27 bad news today and probably every day does not speak well of the Catholic Church.  It shows that the Catholic Church had not put into practice the teaching of Christ learned from today's Gospel. 

6. Analysis.
    Advent is teaching us how to prepare for the first coming of Christ; this preparation for the first coming is essential as a preparation for the second coming of Christ. To prepare ourselves for the first coming of Christ we need to live the life of repentance perfectly. This is in preparation to acquire the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity which is preparation for the second coming of Christ. Analysis of reality today shows that the Catholic Church where I belong is not in the right direction; it is not leading me to the true Catholic Church because Pope Francis is no John the Baptist. That includes millions together with my loved ones. This is  clearly an impending disaster. I must either do something or abandon this floundering ship.

7. But I know.
    But I know that the Catholic Church will always exist up to the end of the world. I must just check on the signs learned in the Liturgy. The preacher, like John,  must come from the desert and have lived the fulness of the desert life, i.e. Faith, Hope and Charity. He just occasionally leave the desert to go to the city to invite others to go to the desert. And there he points to the Church. Like in the time of John, the only thing I have to do is go to the desert and listen to John's preaching.  If I do not go there, I will not find the Church. 
     Then what? The next Gospel will tell us. Mary is with child.